Miracle Reassurance 4D Package 2

Miracle 4D Reassurance Package 2 £99

Experiencing your baby’s growth in the womb every day is a blessing. When you witness it visually it becomes an ecstasy! Miracle Inside, the best private reassurance scan clinic in Yorkshire helps you in felling the surreal happiness of watching and hearing your unborn baby’s heartbeat, along with monitoring the other vitals such as baby’ weight, approximate weight at the time of birth, placental position, fetus position, volume of amniotic fluid! The expectant parents can also confirm the gender of the baby on request, provided the baby is in a propitious position. Miracle Reassurance 4D scan 2 is a great opportunity to bond with your baby, enjoy the visual treat of watching your little one’s movements, resemblance, their cute little smile, yawn, hiccups and feel a contented heart!

Book a private 4D scan in Leeds area at £99!

When should you take it?       24 - 34 weeks of Pregnancy (Single Baby)

                                             20 -24 weeks of Pregnancy (Twins)

How long will it take? –  15 Mins Diagnostic Ultrasound Scan Appointment

Assuming your appointment can continue up to 30 minutes, but we just will scan as long as is required to finish the aim of the scanning (the scan period is 15 minutes based on babies position. we always make sure the ultrasound utilised is safe for both baby and mother with respect to current health Guidelines.

Scan Overview:

Miracle Reassurance 4D Scan Package 2 is a high-quality 4D image scanning, which provides a complete diagnostic evaluation of your little one inside the womb, and the results are received on the same day as the scan! This scan is taken as the highest reassurance scan and the wellbeing of the baby is thoroughly assessed and recorded. This package includes best 4D Scan, where you can experience the heartbeat, movement, site of the placenta, the position of baby, the weight of baby, amniotic fluid volume and the sonographer can perform  Gender Confirmation on request which is again with 99.9% accuracy only at our Private 4D Baby Scan Clinic in Bradford! You and 1 guest + max 2 children  (New Measures Due to view of the current Coronavirus Situation) are welcome to view the 3D/4D image of your little miracle projected on to a large LCD screen on our spacious and relaxed private surroundings. With the 4D technology, you can hear the tiny heartbeats your baby! 4D Ultrasound scan Movie is available to be brought as optional extra if you inform the sonographer when you fill the pre questionnaire form.

Guest Policy :

  • Children will be allowed for the scan appointments (2 adults with mum to be and children maximum 2  are allowed from the same house hold ). Your Guests and children will have to wait in the car till the appointment and will be going back to the car from the scan room after the scan . Children must remain seated in the scan room during the scan and should be supervised by adult during the scan .
  • Patients and Guests are reminded that it is compulsory to wear a face mask when attending their appointment .We do ask that  your guest wear a face covering when you attend for your appointments .Children are encourged to wear a face covering where possible 

All our Diagnostic Ultrasound Scans are performed by Mrs Samuel, who is Our Senior Qualified Sonographer with obstetric ultrasound scanning experience.

Our Diagnostic Obstetric Sonographers are fully trained and qualified to perform 2D/ 3D /4D ultrasound scans and are the best in Early Baby Scan near Wakefield. Our sonographers take care to follow the latest safety guidelines and are registered with the HCPC. We’re also registered with the independent regulator the Care Quality Commission to ensure the highest standards possible.

Miracle Inside is the best, Sonographer owned 3D/4D scan Ultrasound Clinic in Yorkshire

Your Private 4D Bonding Scan Package at £99* contains:

  • £ 99 (Standard 4D scan – Single Pregnancy)
  • £ 109  with HD LIVE 
  • 3D Photos: 4
  • Email of all pictures
  • USB of Scan Recording
  • Gender Confirmation on Request
  • Visual Heartbeat monitoring
  • Estimated Birth Weight
  • Digital Reassurance report
  • Placental Position & Fluid Volume
  • Growth Measurements & Weight
  • £ 75 worth Free Complementary new-born photoshoot Voucher
  • No of Guests   -  2 adults + Childrens  ( 2 Children from the same household  ) 
  • It is essential for the Mum-to-be and the guest to wear Face mask/covering during the appointments to lessen the risk of the virus spread.
  • Available for multiple pregnancies - £25 extra
  • *New Measures & recommendations due to view of the current Coronavirus pandemic situation.
  • Please be aware that the sonographer may discuss the findings from your  scan appointment in the scan room as this is a diagnostic scan appointment and not  for entertainment purpose .
  • *Note : This guest policy is subject to change as per government guidelines and cannot be guaranteed

Our team have taken new measures to decrease the risk of the spread of the virus. Our Centre is cleaned between each and every appointment. All of our staff have been provided with necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and have mandated the use of hand sanitizer to all of our patients & guests.

If you or your loved ones have a high fever or continuous cough, we advise you not to visit our scan centre and reschedule your appointment, until the high risk of developing or passing the virus cease. Please contact us to discuss your appointment booking. 

We are monitoring the current situation closely to keep up with health & safety policies. Please keep checking https://www.miracleinside.com/announcements/ for latest updated information and news.

Apart from the Miracle Reassurance 4D Scan Package, we provide Optional Extras:

The optional extra items can be brought if you inform the sonographer when you fill the pre-questionnaire form at any time, on and before the day of your scan.

Here is a complete list of our Optional Baby Scan Gifts you can select to take home with you at the end of your private 4D bonding scan:

  • CD ROM of all pictures  - £10.00
  • USB of all pictures   -  £15
  • 4D scan DVD (Recording of the Scan ) -  £15.00
  • 1 colour 6x4 printed photos  - £ 5 or 3 no’s  for £12
  • USB of the Whole Scan Video -  £20
  • 1 key ring   -   £ 5  or 3 no’s for £12.00
  • 1 Fridge Magnet   -     £ 5 0r 3 no’s for £12.00
  • Gender Reveal Cannons - £ 15 
  • Gender Reveal Balloons - £ 10 
  • Heartbeat Teddy Bear -  £22.00
  • Upgrade to HDLive   -  £10.00
  • Gift Certificates  Available - The perfect gift for the mom-to-be in your life
  • Handwritten Diagnostic Fetal Assessment  Report - £ 10  Optional Extra 

Why should I get this scan?

  • 3D/4D Baby Bonding Ultrasound Scan experience with a qualified, accredited sonographer.
  • Expectant Parents who are curious to see their baby's face and features.
  • Well-being checklist & fetal weight estimation.
  • 3D/ 4D Scan is not routinely available on the NHS.
  • You can upgrade to HDLIVE 4D Scan wherewith the added dimension of time – as in a film or video – so you can see the baby in motion.

What does this scan do?

Our sonographers will perform a visual check for both heartbeat and movement, to produce 3D/4D imagery of your baby, verify fetal growth & perform well-being checklist including a placental position to determine the position of the baby, amount of amniotic fluid and gender confirmation on request. (As Optional extra)

NOTE**: Normal 3D/4D  scan usually produces better results between 26-29 weeks and For twin/multiple pregnancies, we suggest you to book your appointment between 20-24 weeks - additional charges apply.

How to prepare for the 3D/4D Baby scan?

  • On the day of your scan, please ensure you wear loose clothing during your appointment.
  • Consume a small bottle of Lucozade and a chocolate bar 30 mins before your scan. Drink a litre of cold water on your arrival for the scan. A partially full bladder may provide better images for this scan.
  • Carry some sugar-filled snacks to help stimulate your baby to move into the optimum position.

How easy is it to make an appointment?

  • To book an appointment at the best Private Early Scan Clinic in Halifax area, it is as easy as a pie, because of our online booking system. You can choose your convenient schedule from various options: Morning, Afternoon, and Evening or Saturday appointments! You can make your payment at the time of booking your appointment, and walk-in at the scheduled time of your appointment to the clinic. Our dedicated team will be happy to assist with your queries throughout the booking and appointment.

What if I have concerns about the outcome of my scan?

  • Miracle Inside is the best, Sonographer owned 3D/4D scan ultrasound Clinic in Leeds. Our sonographers are highly trained and accredited to answer all your queries and concerns regarding the private baby scan.

Which Ultrasound Scan should I take following a Miracle Reassurance scan?

  • Growth and Reassurance scan can be taken up to 34 weeks of gestation period if you need further reassurance or any other concerns. Our clinic will be happy to guide you.
  • Position and Presentation scan can be taken if you are above 34 weeks. This scan determines the placental position and confirms the fetal position prior to birth.

Other additional information:  

  • Please bring your Pregnancy Maternity Notes/ Previous scan results to your appointment for better consulting.  
  • For better results, ensure you take the scan only during the mentioned gestation period.
  • The quality of the image is dependent on factors such as fetal position, gestational age, BMI of the mother. If the mother is overweight or has High BMI, scar tissue and amniotic fluid, image quality can differ. The position of the placenta at the front can also cause problems in getting good quality pictures which constantly changes from day to day and is beyond the control of Miracle Inside 3D/4D Baby Scan Centre. It’s at the sole discretion of Sonographers to arrange a RESCAN if the baby's face is not seen during the Scan.
  • Rescan is only booked based on our Sonographers availability during weekdays on our exclusive rescan slots on Wednesday, Thursdays ( 12 pm to 12.30 pm) and Friday (11.am to 11.30 am )
  • It can be particularly difficult to get good images, however, we always endeavour to obtain the best results! However, if a satisfactory image(s) of your baby cannot be obtained may be due to the above-mentioned circumstances.
  • This package is non-refundable irrespective of scan image results.
  • Any information regarding the sex of the baby is not guaranteed & ultrasound alone is not 100% accurate as some babies can be ambiguous. Your practitioner will only provide you with information about the gender if they feel confident to do so from the ultrasound scan. Miracles Inside 3D/4D Baby Scan Centre or its staff cannot be held responsible in any way upon the reliance of such information.
  • Twins/Multiple Pregnancy requires an additional service cost of £15, which should be notified at the time of appointment booking
  • Our pregnancy scans do not replace or substitute any scan you have or will have with the NHS/Regular health provider.


  • It should be noted that refunds are not given in any case as payment is taken for use of the CLINIC SERVICE & SONOGRAPHERS valuable time. 

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