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Yes. The 4D scanning process employs the same ultrasound technology used in normal 2D pregnancy scanning. The difference is that powerful computing within the ultrasound machine enables the image of your baby to be viewed in three dimensions. Therefore 4D scanning is just as safe as the 2D process by which millions of babies have been scanned over the past 30 years. Miracle Inside practice the A.L.A.R.A principle, which stands for As Low As Reasonably Achievable, meaning that the ultrasound settings are very low, but it is still possible to achieve incredible images. In addition, Miracle Inside follow the scanner settings recommended by BMUS, British Medical Ultrasound Society. We recommend that you follow the link to help you to make an informed decision.
All Miracle Insides Scan are a non-medical ,non-diagnostic or screening scan. We do not provide anomaly reports and all mothers should attend their routine hospital scan(s). However, if a problem is detected by one of our sonographers, they do have a duty of care to discuss these findings with you in a sensitive manner. If necessary, and with your permission, they may contact you caregiver so that a medical follow up can be made through them.
Twins tend to have less space around them so we usually advise having a 3D/4D baby scan slightly earlier than usual, at around 22 weeks – 25 weeks.
We understand that you may be running a couple of minutes late, however anyone that arrives later than 10 mins for their appointment may not be able to be seen by our sonographer and you may have to rebook your appointment. There may also be a 50% charge as this will be classed as a missed appointment. (This is at the managements discretion). This is to make it fair on people who have appointments booked in for the rest of the day, in order to ensure that their appointments run on time.
No referral is required at Miracle Inside. Simply call and make your appointment
Unfortunately no, not always. Every baby scans differently, depending on its gestational age, position, amount of fluid, and mother’s condition. If the baby is persistently looking down towards your spine or is lying up against the placenta wall it may be difficult to see the baby’s face. Occasionally, the baby may lie in a difficult position or there may not be a pocket of fluid in the correct place to outline the areas of interest of your baby. When this happens a satisfactory scan may not be achievable. In these cases we will send Mum off for a walk or give her a drink and this may cause the baby to move to a more favorable position. Should this not occur then we would reschedule the scan for another day at no extra charge. We make no promises that the images will be similar to those you might have seen elsewhere, or that we can always meet everyone’s expectations. We promise to make every effort to obtain the best possible images of whatever parts of the baby that can be seen.
No ! Any mum-to-be wishing to undergo a private scan are not intended to replace the routine dating and anomaly scans offered by the NHS. Not Under any circumstances do we recommend getting a private scan instead of a standard hospital scan; instead, scan that we offer are intended for extra reassurnace & complement the crucial medical & diagnostic ultrasound NHS scans, allowing them to monitor the vital signs , screen for fetal anomalies, and to look for any other pregnancy related issues across a longer period and enhancing the pregnancy experience for you and those closest to you.
A 4D ultrasound represents the difference between still photography (3D) and video. Through this revolutionary technology your baby’s 3D image is continuously updated providing you with live action. In reality this means that, for the first time, you can watch your baby smiling, sucking its thumb, yawning and stretching as it happens and in color.
Gender determination can be made anytime after the 15wks & 2 days . However, due to the position of the umbilical cord, placenta or fetus, it can sometimes be difficult to get a clear view of the genital area. If this happens we will send you for a walk to move the baby so we can see clearly. If we still can’t see we will bring you back and re-scan you at the next available day for free . All early gender determination scans (before 20 weeks) carry a small margin for error and we suggest that you confirm our determination with your sonographer at your 20 week scan. Should they tell you anything different call us straight away and we will schedule you in for a re-scan on our next available day free of charge.
That is no problem and we do that all the time with NO mistakes. We have large screens in the room for viewing. When people don’t want gender, the sonographer will start with the scan with the screens off then map out the position of the baby. Once that is done, the screens are turned on and you get to see your bundle of joy and gender will not be shown.
You are able to amend your reservation so long as you give us at least 72 hrs notice before the appointment time. The first amendment is free, and further changes are charged at £10. Amendments within 72 hours will be treated as a cancellation so you will lose your deposit. Our full terms and conditions can he found on our website packages page or by going to this link http://www.miracleinside.com
Miracle Inside is dedicated to providing a high-quality service and hopes that every client will feel entirely satisfied with the quality of care they receive. As part of this commitment, Miracle Inside has a rigorous complaints procedure, which is available to any client who may require it. please, use our Contact us page to send your concerns and the complaints would be handled professionally and confidentially.
Miracle Inside Diagnostic Scan Centre has been changed to meet the guidelines set by the government. We will be continuing to limit clients to only bringing one adult and children’s from the same household with them We do ask that you and your guest wear a face covering when you attend for your appointments too, please. We have taken the appropriate precautions regarding use of PPEs and a robust cleaning regime also.
As per the Public Health England Guidelines and advise that you do not list Miracle Inside as a contact with NHS Test and Trace as we are a 'COVID SECURE ' medical establishment – as we are fully complaint with the use of appropriate PPE, screens and a robust cleaning regime in line with Government guidance and also have reduced the contact time within the premises to reduce transmission risk to us all.
Please arrive at your appointment time (not early) as you will already have completed your consent form online. This is to limit your contact with others, as we try to prevent the cross over with anyone else in the Scan Centre.
Depending on the type of scan you book, you may be in the Scan Centre for 15 to 20 minutes.
Our ultrasound scans are all performed trans-abdominal (on your abdomen) Yes , we advice to have full bladder upto 24 weeks , please Drink 500 to 750 mls (3 to 4 cups) of water before 30 to 60 minutes prior to your scan appointment should be enough